Candela GentleLase Laser Hair Removal

Just imagine¦. No more shaving or waxing! Say goodbye to excess hair with Laser Hair Removal. Traditional hair removal using electrolysis and waxing is not only painful, but it’s a lifelong expense.  Laser Hair Removal permanently removes unwanted facial and body hair on both men and women. This treatment will leave your body sleek, soft and hair free.  Laser Hair Removal is the perfect solution to an age old problem. You will wonder why you waited so long! Start today and never worry about unwanted hair again!



The focused, broad-spectrum light is applied to the surface of the skin by way of either a hand-held wand or an articulated arm. This light travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts or the bulb (root) of the hair. The bulb is usually where the highest concentration of melanin is located, as opposed to the rest of the hair shaft. As the light is converted to heat energy, the bulb and most of the hair shaft are instantly vaporized. The intense heat radiated by the hair also destroys the hair-producing papilla or the entire hair follicle.  Feel free to contact us.