The Power of Massages

Each time you go to the mall you see people offering you 10 minute massages. You wonder should I get one. I do have a sore neck. You walk saying maybe next time. Either way getting massages feel good especially when a loved one gives you one. Massages are not just for comfort but it also benefits us as well.

One benefit you received is that it helps reduce soreness in muscles and improve blood circulation. It helps with sports injuries and soft tissue strains. If you have ever seen a soccer game when teams reach extra time instead of getting water they are getting massages. In the field you see medical experts massaging the players’ legs getting them ready to play an extra 30 minutes of time in the field. When your neck muscles feel sore a massage reduces the pain, making you feel better. Next time you feel sore at the gym, it’s a good time to get a massage to help your muscles feel better.

Not only is it good for muscles but it also helps other systems in the body. It indirectly helps reduce pain in your joints. It helps increase the flow of your digestive system. Finally it relaxes your nerve system calming stress conditions like headaches and insomnia. Massages help release serotonin which makes you feel relax and make you feel less stressful.

Most of us get massages to relax which is a good thing. By not feeling stress and being relax it helps our body function better. The best benefit of a massage is feeling relaxed. If you are happy then your body also feels better too.

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